Exhibitions London

As I hit the weekend on friday, I promised that I would go to some exhibitons
if possible. Ignoring my cold and fuzzy beer head, I went to  some shows.

After a shocking detour into Paul McCarthy, I arrived at Pierre-Huyghe show which was amazing and lead me to wonder and marvel. If in London do go to this show links below.


Human Mask



My sunday show is was in the back of the Brit Musem london up on the 5th floor print gallery room 90  Beautiful engravings and drawings , from the greatest artists in print .


thats all for now

Neo Gothic Modernist

A spacial aspect has become an intergal part the last few days of work in the project space.

The paintings I have gathered old and new , have become pieces in a puzzle, as i hang the works on the wall and sort the
weird into more weird. I look at my paintings more as objects and the subjects in them as reference pionts to the bigger outing that they come from. I effect I have created a visualscape , court , temple etc..

Introducing perspective , asymetrcial  painted linesss, has created a purpose as much as an explanation.

All the animals , creatures , still lifes, shaman bodies , mecrommancers  and symbolic forms,exsit as before but in a world

only know to me.

All the painting techiques are derived from old master paintings and the mid century 21st modernist. some what like postmodernist , but a little more uncomfortable.




I stroll around the gallery space tonight, with my strange works posed sliently on the walls.

new devices are needed I think and I do a little painting here and there . Gothic in nature ,

these works are  dark very the opposite to the creators intention. Neverless a enjoy the beasts

that i paint.I interpert the space and fragmented nature of the works and try to bring it together .

Space is what the works need, . I have thoughts on this , and now creating a linear boundary i

the simplist way , as not to over load P1030556the paintings.

Monsters and Mayhem

So it begins my little residency in unit 3 project space in bow. I arrive after work, to a motley bunch of paintings spread out on the gallery floor. Sound of rain lightly hitting the buliding, as if it were appaluse. ‘well done , John ‘. monday is nearly over

I look at my work and come to the conclusion, that a demented intellectual, high on crack,has painted remnant’s of a nightmarish dream with little or no cohesive structure.

It is time after many a year to try and piece this all together ,give it some narrative reslove. I enjoy the reverse , a chance to see an artist’s workings of creative thought, out in full public eye.

At this point i have no futher thoughts , so untill tommorrow . hopefully with some working pics.