Neo Gothic Modernist

A spacial aspect has become an intergal part the last few days of work in the project space.

The paintings I have gathered old and new , have become pieces in a puzzle, as i hang the works on the wall and sort the
weird into more weird. I look at my paintings more as objects and the subjects in them as reference pionts to the bigger outing that they come from. I effect I have created a visualscape , court , temple etc..

Introducing perspective , asymetrcial  painted linesss, has created a purpose as much as an explanation.

All the animals , creatures , still lifes, shaman bodies , mecrommancers  and symbolic forms,exsit as before but in a world

only know to me.

All the painting techiques are derived from old master paintings and the mid century 21st modernist. some what like postmodernist , but a little more uncomfortable.




I stroll around the gallery space tonight, with my strange works posed sliently on the walls.

new devices are needed I think and I do a little painting here and there . Gothic in nature ,

these works are  dark very the opposite to the creators intention. Neverless a enjoy the beasts

that i paint.I interpert the space and fragmented nature of the works and try to bring it together .

Space is what the works need, . I have thoughts on this , and now creating a linear boundary i

the simplist way , as not to over load P1030556the paintings.

Monsters and Mayhem

So it begins my little residency in unit 3 project space in bow. I arrive after work, to a motley bunch of paintings spread out on the gallery floor. Sound of rain lightly hitting the buliding, as if it were appaluse. ‘well done , John ‘. monday is nearly over

I look at my work and come to the conclusion, that a demented intellectual, high on crack,has painted remnant’s of a nightmarish dream with little or no cohesive structure.

It is time after many a year to try and piece this all together ,give it some narrative reslove. I enjoy the reverse , a chance to see an artist’s workings of creative thought, out in full public eye.

At this point i have no futher thoughts , so untill tommorrow . hopefully with some working pics.

Up coming Art show.

New art work will be created in my , residency at Asc Studios , Unit Three Projects  in Bow

over august . with a closing show at the end of the month. the result will be works for a solo show

later inthe year. I will be there inthe evening for collectors amd interested persons to come and chat and have a drink.

More news will follow.